Dr. Susan was instrumental in helping me break the World Guinness Record in pull-ups for a 24 hour period on 11/11/15-11/12/15.

Her knowledge, skill, and adaptability gave my muscles exactly what I needed to stay fresh for 24 hours and complete 5862!!! Dr. Susan has my highest recommendations being far and above any chiropractor I have met to date. My rib popped out of place 3x in 24 hours and her quick thinking and virtuous technique had it back in place within 32 secs because that was the time of rest I had between sets of pull-ups.

I want to talk about my first encounter with Dr. Susan.  Right out the gate she was approachable, warm smile, and I guess in short I felt like I was walking into my family members house. I have been in personal training going on 5 years and I run across many people that are sports chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists. But when I met Dr. Susan you can tell she knew her craft and not with just a passing grade. Here was an individual that was methodical and calculated taking her time to assess the root of the cause and applying appropriate methods to solve the issue. I did not know what to expect because I only know 2 others that I would recommend my clients to so I take great care who I send my people to.

If your goal is to have a chiropractor that will take care of you and your family look no further! I promise you on my life you will not be disappointed! If you don’t find your time worth it I will come to your house and do 5000 pull-ups! A marines word. Ur rah and Semper Fi!

Guy Valentino World Record Holder - Pull Ups - 12-Nov-2015

Dr. Sue is truly the greatest holistic health care provider I’ve ever experienced. Not only do you leave her office feeling wonderful and renewed but every experience with her is always upbeat, energizing and positive. She holds the good energy and joy for you. A wonderful person. I recommend Dr. Sue very highly.

Barbara Thursz Sr. Consultant and Executive Coach

After years of abusing my shoulder with book bags weighing 50+ pounds, Dr. Sue not only fixed it but taught me how not to re-injure myself (and what to do if I did). Her advice was gold. I still carry heavy bags, but with her help I haven’t had a flareup in years. She is incredible!

Cassandra Porter Attorney, Lowensten Sandler