About Dr. Susan Myslinski


sue2Dr. Susan Myslinski graduated in 1999 from Parker Chiropractic School in Dallas, Texas.  She started her career working for an existing high volume practice in NYC.  After a year of seeing close to 60 patients a day, Dr. Myslinski realized that she wanted to create a completely different treatment model.


For the past fifteen years she has worked to create a practice with an emphasis on educating patients and overall personalized care. Dr. Myslinski sees one patient every 30 minutes with new patients getting closer to an hour. She does pin-pointed muscle work for your specific condition and then she adjusts what is needed at the end of the visit.


Dr. Myslinski has been able to help patients from all works of life – triathletes, marathoners, weekend warriors, work-aholics, the list goes on and on.


Unlike almost every other medical practice Dr. Myslinski is committed to running on-time and never over booking.

About TLC Chiropractic


TLC Office
TLC Office


TLC Chiropractic has locations now in New York and New Jersey.

- The New Jersey office is located at 317 Harrington Avenue Closter, NJ.

- The New York office is located at 635 Madison Avenue (between 59th & 60th street)

- Office Hours:   Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm,  By Appointment Only