Mission Statement

"One-on-One Customized Chiropractic Care To Regain Control of Your Health" 

My goal at TLC Chiropractic is to help every patient not only become pain-free, but also give them the tools to have a more active and healthier lifestyle.

I feel like every new patient that walks into my office presents me with a unique opportunity to make a real difference.

At the outset, my job is to evaluate the situation and find the root causes of each patient's problems. One of my biggest challenges is that most patients don't show up at my door when they first start to feel pain, but rather when the pain takes over and disrupts daily life. So the first thing I have to do is deal with the acute injury or issue and try to stabilize the situation.

From there, my goal is to look at every aspect of the patient's life to see if their health issues are rooted in their daily habits or routines. I want to examine the work environment -- ergonomic set up of your desk and office, daily eating habits, sleep schedule, exercise routines and so much more.

My belief is that if I can understand your entire life, than I can put a treatment plan together that will make a long-term difference. The goal is to get you out of pain, active and make you aware of the things that will potentially trigger the problems in the future. If I am doing my job correctly, eventually you will be able to tell me when you need to see me. You will be completely in tune with your own body.

I completely understand that we all have busy and challenging lives, so my recommendations will be tailored, for the most part, to fit into your existing life. I get that we all have a lot on our plates. I have two kids, two offices, one husband and not enough time ever. My hope is that I will be able to give you the tools and wisdom to make adjustments in your daily routine that will make a long-term difference to your health.

 - Dr. Susan Myslinski